Monday, November 22, 2010

BLACK FRIDAY SALE!! November 26th

BLACK IS BACK.......on Friday at Wild Sorbet!! 

Sale starts 12:00 am thru 11:59pm  November 26th

If you have ANY questions please feel free to email (service 
 we will be answering emails!

ALL Frames 25% OFF!
use code: merry

ALL Corner Samples and Trim Collections  20% OFF
use code: santa

ALL Ledges   20% OFF
use code: santa

ALL Easels  20% OFF
use code: santa

ALL Ornament Frames  20% OFF
use code: santa

Ordering Details:

1. Orders MUST be received between 12:00 am and 11:59 pm

2.  All Orders must be placed online thru our shopping cart,
Emailed or left on our voice mail!

3.  All Orders must be COMPLETE
(i.e. can not "Call later w/ colors or trims)

4. All discounts will be applied to your order if the shopping cart
does not apply them
(remeber your card is not charged online anyway)


                             If you order Between                   Your Order will ship on or Before              
                               12 am   -  4:00 am                                 December 27th
                                4:01am -  7:00 am                                 December 28th 
                                7:01am  - 10:00 am                               December 30th  
                              10:01am   - 12:00pm                               January 4th
                               12:01 pm -  3:00pm                               January 6th
                               3:01 pm   -  6:00pm                               January 10th
                               6:01 pm  -  9:00pm                                January 11th
                               9:01 pm  -  11:59pm                              January 12th 

 These are basde on Central Standard Times! 

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